BinaryX Cyber Incubation Program

BinaryX strives to identify and invest in the most potential projects to bring positive impact to the blockchain space.

What is BinaryX
Cyber Incubation Fund?

BinaryX Incubation Program aims to support promising projects and Web3 builders in the blockchain space. Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life and push the development of decentralised web. The projects that demonstrate the most potential will be selected and granted the access to both technical and financial assistance.

In this Incubation Program, we leverages resources across the entire BinaryX ecosystem and provide extensive launch support to project builders to empower the future of Web3.

A Community-driven Fund

Cyber Incubation Fund is a community-driven fund. The return of the investment in this fund will be utilized in different ways: re-investment in other GameFi projects under the Cyber Incubation program, $BNX buyback or burn, community contributor incentivization, dividend distribution, airdrop to community members, etc.

The Cyber Incubation Fund is owned and managed by the BinaryX community. In the future roadmap of BinaryX DAO, DAO voting proposals for which project BinaryX should fast-track into incubation selection for how to utilize the profits of investment will all be considered.

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BinaryX Incubation Program